‘La Patrona’ Festivity in Pollensa – Mallorca

Foto: ultimahora.es

Foto: ultimahora.es

If you are in Majorca in the summer, then La Patrona is one of those events that you should never miss to experience. Arguably, this is the most celebrated summer festival in Mallorca. The fiesta starts in the end of July and runs till the first week of August. During this event, patrons can enjoy a number of activities, exciting event entertainment and some religious activities too. What makes the event so special is the ‘Simulacre de Moros i Cristians,’ which is the final and most exciting event during the La Patrona Festivity.

The history of the festival relates to the Moors and Christians festival, which is a tradition that the Pollencins celebrate from the 16th century. Because Pollensa was in a battle during that time, each year the locals re-enact the battle that took place during the 16th century in the past. Locals get dressed as Moorish pirates and fight with Mallorcan Christians who defended the attack quite well on the 30th of May in 1550. It seems the Moors arrived in Pollensa with a dream to conquer the island and rule over it. However, they had to face the Christian residents who were the rightful citizens of the peninsula.

The event also celebrates the heroic effort shown by a local hero Joan Mas. Because the residents were unaware of the attack, Joan woke the people, prepared them for the battle and fought bravely with the pirates. To celebrate their heroism, locals of Pollensa get dressed in traditional battle clothing and re-enact the battle. Usually, the local fighters participating in the play get dressed in white and pirates in colorful clothing. They also paint their face and use swords during the play en-enactment.

Joan Mas VS Dragut

The festival also includes some parades, where patrons can join and enjoy some street entertainment too. You will see the town’s hero Joan Mas and the pirates with a Moorish flag during the parades. Each year, the town council releases the festival program in advance. Guests can see the included programs, entertainment and play schedules. Apart from the play, parade and processions, the event also includes some awesome singing and dancing entertainment.

The small town of Pollensa comes alive during the summer event. Expect to find huge crowds during this event. Because this is a unique event in Mallorca, a number of people from nearby cities and villages also visit Pollensa. After the party and parade starts, the crowds move to the main square near the church. This week long celebration draws a number of people from all parts of the town. Live music and bass band play are some of the other highlights of this event too. Participants and families spend preparing for the battle enactment, which is the most awaited program on the event schedule. Because the town stays crowded during the night, it is advised to visit Pollensa during the day and stay there after the event gets over.