Mallorca is known for its year-round festivals and traditional fairs that welcome hundreds of guests from all parts of the world. While most of the fairs and events are religious, agricultural or historical in nature, there are many festivals that highlight the local food culture, music and art. Those planning a visit to Pollensa should spend some time checking the annual event calendar of Mallorca too. Here is a brief overview of the local events in Pollensa.


After a hearty welcome of the New Year and overnight celebration, the locals in Mallorca take a break till they celebrate the Sant Antoni religious festival and the as January Saint Sebastian in the mid of the month. Devotees and patrons join the festivities to seek blessing of pets and animals during this celebration and participate in many wild parties and procession too.


The month begins with the popular Almond Fair in Son Servera. What makes the February event calendar so popular is the Carnival Fiestas that include fancy dress parties and street parades.


Throughout March, the people in Mallorca celebrate a number of events. Apart from a few public holidays, Good Friday and the 1st March Balearic day, Mallorca celebrate a popular pottery fair, nature sport fair and a small wine fair known as Pollensa in the Cloisters.


Pollensans welcome spring with lots of joy and celebration too. In the beginning of April, they celebrate the arts and crafts festivals, farming and livestock event and the popular Sepia Fair popular for cuttlefish seafood delicacies.


The most popular events in this month are the May Cheese and Wine Fair and the May Medieval Fair that welcome patrons to participate in costume parties, food and drink fiestas and medieval entertainment. Apart from that, the month of May also celebrates the May Stone Fair, Spring Fair and a wine fair run by l’Associació Vi Primitiu de Pollenca.


While in Pollensa during summer, enjoy these unique festivals that people of Pollensa only celebrate. Join the festival of Herb Fair in Selva in mid June and dance to the tunes of wild night parties during the Nit de Foc. Fireworks and bonfires are other highlights of this festival. Satisfy your seafood cravings too at the Portocolom Octopus Food Fair in June.


Welcome the art and culture festival in July while in Pollensa. Also, enjoy the most popular traditional La Patrona festival in Mallorca. This is indeed the most popular summer fest that Mallorca is known for.


August is known for some cultural and traditional fests too, including the Fiesta of Sant Agusti and Felanitx featuring the local Cavallets dance.


As the summer ends and autumn begins, the people in Pollensa celebrate some awesome craft fairs, harvest festivals and wine fairs too. September is known for its Melon Fair, Fiestas del Rei en Jaume, and the Fornalutx Festival.


In the beginning of the month, Pollensans celebrate October Autumn Fair and the famous Alcudia Arts and crafts Fair. For foodies, there is the Sobrassada gastronomic festival and the October Sweet Fair.


Be a part of the arts and crafts markets, November Artisan Fair, and the popular November Pumpkin Fair in Pollensa. Even the unique Olive Fair is a popular event among olive lovers.


Apart from the popular Christmas fairs and markets, people in Pollensa celebrate a number of events throughout the month. The December Partridge Fair, Christmas markets and fairs are some of the major events held in this month.